Teman baru, harapan baru, doa-doa lain menunggu
I feel the new me, every single morning, i can feel the hope
the future like more colour full now
New spirit, new sunshine, new identity
I can reach my goal one by one

Day by day i believe my dreams
then Allah answer it and give me the opportunity to pursue it
Proud of me, proud of my family
thanks for my father that always support me in everything
the illness was gone, i wish gone forever :)

when i get connected to other people, i can see another experience that i want to learn more and more
I call this unbelieveable

My mom always ask me to get "another her BIG dream"
I get my dream first, Mom you have to wait it
be friend with the time, hug it, then we can feel the chance
blessed me 

this is Cynthia, the perfectionist one

this is my "bank", I am quit from my job, so I've to do saving

some of my friends at Dufan (1-9-2014)

All of the students from Disaster Management 2014

I'll try to post in English now
Correct my post if there is anything wrong
Thank you!

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