English Writing

I'll try to post my blog in english from now. I have to practice more and more because it's really important for my next study :)

But you know? english writing can't be a "poetry"
I love writing like "kiasan", but i don't think in english writing, i can use that type of writing. Maybe someday i know how to do that :)


On July, I have goal that i want to post here "one day one post", maybe it's just half post because at first week on Ramadhan I'm getting sick, then i get my period twice for this month. Oh it's really make my Ramadhan bad, but not too bad because i got my short holiday at my hometown in East Java (Jombang). I meet my family even though not the whole family, but i meet my cousin and nephew from UK, so it's really make me happier than last year. I call this holiday!10 years ago we met and i have a chance to meet again! grateful :)    

I can learn by enjoy my spare time, i learn what they favorite foods and everything. Actually my cousin more talk active than my nephew. Oh ya, my cousin finished his study at Japan, so at 29th of July we picked him out at Juanda International Airport. He looks so different, he has harajuku style for his hair but still blonde color and he said that he like sushi, just like me that love sushi so much! (apalagi gratis :p)

Geoff, me, Lisa, Mas Yudha in front of Anjungan DIY, TMII

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