Dear December

This is the beginning of the month, the last of 2014, towards 2015.

From the early years, someone over there indirectly warn me something
On February i got warmly blanket as requested
March is graduation month for some of my friends
My only one partner at library celebrated his wedding day at May
Holy Ramadhan come closer then finally i had driving license
About June, July, and August the announcement tell me that my prayer granted

My Dad got appreciation as "The Best Employee" :)
My Sister can continue her study in English Literature :)
I got my scholarship for Master Degree :)
My Mom is our HERO :)

Our prayer, our battle, our effort get the best result
this is not the final, all of this are the beginning for something while someday we have to prove this.   

Thanks for all of them that support me all the time, seen or unseen :)

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