Did You Know That's Hurt?


I wish this hurt was gone, further far away then stay away from me.

In that morning the new group appear at my cellphone but in silent mode. What's next?
my mood down, what the hell of this? 
The idea create this new group is a BIG idea that i never imagine before. I've create a group before then i leave that and i never ask someone to invite me again then now another friend create another silly group. errr

everything was over, not really, because i am still waiting for the apologize. I don't know how long i will hear the confession. Old confession that should be considered. Even if my friend told me that so last year, but i am still waiting for that day :)
better late than never (sorry)

How come the admin create that group never think about what common friends feeling, even it's hurt or happy, really? happy? if you know what i mean. Each other have their own conflict that you never feel it before. Not just because you are a relaxed person in every condition, doesn't mean your friends have that condition too. What happened yesterday, everyone remember even if a few years ago but we never know over there another friends just hurt and remembering the event, and that silly group just "dig up a black hole". 

We are not live in the past anymore, but that group reminds me everything!

Hey, i appreciate your effort, but if one day i left your creation just don't ask me anything :)

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