Risk Management Framework

Before choose something in your life. All of you have to understand about risk management system in this cruel world. Then, you can do something about risk management framework. Risk is something that present everyday, everywhere, and to everyone. So that very important to understand about this risk management framework, especially during this pandemic. All of us have to be aware for something big that maybe will coming to us.

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Before we made a decision about everything, we have to think about it to make a better place, better world, especially for yourself. Love yourself first, before you love others. Risk can meet any condition, it can be in dangerous situation or just in slow living. Maybe high risk will explode if there is not enough capacity to handle it. 

Dangerous warning or sign is everywhere, but maybe nobody consider it especially people with high vulnerability. A risk is always there, that's real. Maybe We can't see the 'body' of a risk but we can feel and think about it. My husband said use your intuition. Maybe dangerous condition not the real situation but maybe someone create the 'atmosphere of life' so that people easily get angry. For example, oil, meat, all of our basic needs. Beware

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Increase your capacity then you can make your own risk management framework. A peaceful life is very wonderful. Like Alffy Rev create Wonderful Indonesia. Mind your step. Your life will be more brighter if you have responsibilities and respect. 

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Risk Management Framework (RMF): An Overview


risk management framework

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