Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie

This movie is really recommended for those of you who love dancing! really? hahaha
I really mean it
Everybody can watch this, all age :)

From my point of view, this movie told about how to make environment comfort with you. Your attendance define something, not just your goodness but also your badness. This cartoon tell us a lot! 

Your children can learn about how to love each other, make good relationship, caring, sharing, accept something, and raises their confidence. We can't see Charlie's parents, we only hear the voice of his teacher in classroom. Parents character not really influence on this movie. But we can see Charlie's sister who really excited when her brother got perfect score at class and Charlie's pet. Snoopy is a white dog that support Charlie in everything especially when Charlie want to go to "Winter Dance". Snoopy suggest Charlie that he can do the dancing well!

Then, the movie soundtrack is easy listening.. maybe you want to repeat it all the time? here it's the video :)

Let's go to the movie readers! ask everyone to join with you! :D

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