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A few months ago, on October 2015, there was a BIG event to celebrate National Blogger Day that invited bloggers to go to camping at Hulu Cai, Ciawi, Bogor. Uteesme sponsored cool T-shirt for blogger who join that BIG event. Each blogger was asked to selfie, so they can build their confidence, not only in virtual world but also in real world with another blogger. 

Unexpectedly! I was one of the winners voucher from Uteesme! This is my first time access Uteesme official website to use the voucher :D

Thank you Uteesme!
FYI, Uteesme allow us to print only ONE T-shirt and don't worry if you want to print and create your own design because it also allowed :D
Want to create your own design or use someone else's design? 
Want to print just one or many T-shirts? 
Want to design in the front and back of the T-shirt? 
Want to create T-shirt with glow in the dark effect? 
The good news is Uteesme can answer all of that questions
But unfortunately Uteesme not provide a long-sleeved T-shirt, maybe later~

Before we order or create design, don't forget to register first so that you can get free shipping and design your own T-shirt. Just input your email address and password then let's start to create your own design!

Just click design your own on top right corner orange box. Then you can choose the type of your T-shirt, regular, female, or kids.

then you can use available template from Uteesme, such as popular, quotes, family, birthday, and couple 

The third step is you can input images or upload your own image to your T-shirt 

I add text to my T-shirt with blue color "Learning by Blogging" 

After you fill the details then click save and publish, immediately this girl will appear on your screen pffft

Just click agree then... wait a moment...

Here are my own design that you can order on Uteesme official website

Create your own T-shirt with your own imagination on Uteesme  are easy isn't? 

Uteesme always update the design and give a good reply when I ask the twitter admin about validity date for the gift voucher. I choose illustration category and use my gift voucher, I picked pink T-shirt with frog character on backside. Mind your option while choose the size and type of the T-shirt. I should select the female type but I was wrong because the regular type is not suitable for me, then I have to go to tailor.

In this Christmas season, Uteesme bring the happiness with special coupon code until 30 of December. We can also select design with another category, such as fresh design, lifestyle, illustrations, and romance. We can browse T-shirt by colors and choose your favorite color. We can type the tags and browse by user too. So, what are you waiting for? we can order the available design or create your own design and have it on your hand! you can also get money from your own design! Online T-shirt Creator becomes part of you :)

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