that's a life, this is life, this my life not your life
let me live this moment :)

yesterday i'm turned on the television and watched talk show about most of the people question.. "Kapan Kawin?" 
three interviewee was come and give her best answer

first interviewee is a celebrity chef, beautiful, 34 yo. 
she has a boyfriend now and want to marry her someday
she think that her soul mate should be a man with integrity 
and someone who not good, but true.. 
because when he is good, doesn't mean true

the second one is a banker and writer, 37 yo.
multi-talented because she can paint something
she has not been met someone and don't have deadline for that 

the last one is married when she was 38 yo and her husband is younger 
she has a child and that's enough for her

i never imagine that position
in this almost quarter-life 
the question is BIGGER and repeated continuously
i don't want stuck in uncertainty (again)
it's enough to have been in a relationship about four years without future and forget it
there's nothing accidental, except accidentally in love :)
cool down dear
*make a wishlist* 

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