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I wanna post thank you like miund post :)
hemmm.. suddenly another dreams come in my mind.. radio announcer
forget it, that's just a glance :D

in the end of year yesterday, i spending my time at home and watch Indonesian Movie for free at television. The title was Arisan 1 and Arisan 2
I don't know, is it other countries have this activity too? maybe they just gathering without doing the "kocokan" things

I think i'm too late to watch this movie and get something after it, but i still want to share this.

Nia Dinata show this wordsss at the end of the movie

in honor of my late mother who taught me to embrace life with compassion

that movie, very personally tell me about how to face life
how to "hug" life as long as you live it
life as you need it
smile when you face it
pray neither you are happy or not
die if you want it and ask for that

Four main figures, Meymey, Andien, Sakti, Lita, and Nino
each figure have their own personality that described completely

Meymey have to smile after her husband walk out from her life because meymey can't have a baby. Afterward, she has to struggle from cancer.
Andien have to live her life after she knows that her husband had an affair.
Sakti as Meymey and Andien best friend have to admitted that he was a gay, he loves Nino
and Lita as a lawyer with her confidence have a baby without a husband.

that's a life
uncommon lives

how society approve their reality it's not important
they become their self

when people really support you even in the hardest time, 
be thankful if you know who are they...
be thankful for everything that you can enjoy every time
be thankful for everyone that appreciate your effort
praise the Lord when you can solve your problem

good things or bad things that give to you will make sure that you believe in Allah :)
Be good and be better ;)

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