Final Battle

Finally the final exam was done today!

syndicate presentation method, common presentation, written test (close and open book)

Everything have been done! BUT some lecturer gave us "holiday task"
errrrrr it will be ruin my head, ruin my holiday, disturb my free time TT_TT
I have to rearrange my schedule to get fresh air and relax

It's OK! i'll finish it as smooth as maximum effort 

This semester has ended, not bad at all, I think i have to improve my public speaking skill
and stay focus on the next semester. 
It's easy to get best score at my university, as long as you believe that you can do it!

about friendship? relationship? and other things?
Enjoy it, let it flow, go with the flow, but always remember that i'm deserve better :)

If Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategy, said "Know your enemy and yourself
I'll say "know your limits and know yourself

Have a nice holiday!

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