E-Ticketing, memudahkan?

Dear public transportation user...
a few months ago, transjakarta require the passenger to use e-ticketing

Did you know about this electronic card?
Based on Regulation from Bank Indonesia, electronic money is tool of payment that stored in a card that has a chip, existing balance on the card can not be exchanged or withdrawn. We can use the e-card for shopping, ride transjakarta, and train.

Is it facilitate everyone? simplify? or confusing?
for various reasons the governor of the capital city suggest this system
but for several reasons this e-ticketing system make everyone complained 

The governor said that one of the functions of e-ticketing transjakarta is helping the management of PT TransJakarta. Through the electronic card in the machine will recorded the passengers in the banks database. So that we can know the patterns of passengers who use transjakarta to the most destination, afterward transjakarta can create a new route to fulfill needs. In the future, the fare will depends by the far or close range destination. 

This transformation requires a long adaptation, the most passengers are lower middle society. Some people ride transjakarta occasionally, especially in holiday season.
Integrated transjakarta from my place that i ever proud (APTB) increase the fare next year. e-ticketing users and non e-ticketing have to pay different cost. Poor me

I still not use the e-ticketing, this system still unfair for me
but i think will apply for bookshop card and get benefit from it because the bookshop collaborate with bank that support transjakarta. 

go green is another reason to follow this new system
cheer up!

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