Saung MAT Peci

I'll never know about MAT PECI
I'll never concern about river, flood, and rubbish
till yesterday my friend ask me to join the meeting about Disaster Risk Reduction Day that will be held in Jakarta collaboration with Forum PRB-API DKI Jakarta. 

This is new experience for me, meet organization that concern with river sanitation especially in Ciliwung. Before we found this place, there is misinformation between my friend with committee. Someone said in Kalibata and the other one said in MT.Haryono, behind the big supermarket. Finally we found this place called "Saung MAT Peci" and you'll never expect a place like this not so far from highway, a small place "Saung MAT Peci" is really there behind big supermarket. It's about 500 km behind big supermarket. Speechless
Before i get there, i expect about a restaurant that called Saung MAT Peci, so when i ask to someone how to go there i just ask "Do you know a restaurant Saung Mat Peci?" oh this question doesn't work even when i ask a taxi driver.

MAT Peci as known as Masyarakat Peduli Ciliwung established since 2009, in every year Mr. Usman have their community target. In this year Mr. Usman realize the target to institutionalize MAT Peci community and he wish someday another 13th rivers have their own community like MAT Peci.

This October is Disaster Risk Reduction month, MAT Peci will organize a series of events in collaboration with Forum PRB-API DKI Jakarta. 28th of October have been choose as the top event, at the same time Indonesia celebrate Hari Sumpah Pemuda. Mr. Usman said this is the right moment because young people have to concern and realize for take care of environment. The planning are sail through ciliwung start from MT.Haryono to Kampung Melayu, performing arts and culture, martial arts attractions, clean up the environment, remind everyone that rainy season will come in early year so we have to keep the rivers clean from everything that cause the flood.     

This event will attended about 500 people from martial arts community, private sector, students, government staff, non-government organizations, and so on. I wish Indonesia Defense University especially Disaster Management students can participate to this big event. This is the beginning of awareness and collaboration stakeholders that concern the important of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).  

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Saung MAT Peci

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