You Get Through It!

One-time, I ever felt left out. Like somehow you just don't belong
but i continue to enjoy my life, my own decision, without prediction.
I decide to leave my previous life.
Not bad, very good at all, but on that time, i think that "spiritual moment" with "spiritual friends" just take all my time. 

Sometimes it feel like "Hey, where are you? did my decision was wrong? or all of you just have your own personal life like sainted and perfect human?"
I felt different, I never been invited again to join with your "spiritual condition" like in high school.
Then now, most of you got married and continue your step, then I feel like, OK my decision was wrong and that time. Less regret because another option give me a BIG think now, you might not think the same.

Now I just try to come back, to get my positive thoughts when I was as high school student, not to become sainted, just to learn again, then learn to live together.  
perhaps Allah want me to passed this step now, because first this is my own decision, then now I want to "save" my life :)

This circle of life, getting old is not my goal, but it come closer, definitely.
certainty is uncertainty
My close friend share this link on facebook then I just feel like "Oh I've been there, I know it feels, and hurt"
After realize a lot of friends said that I am stupid, but i think that's normal condition when puberty.

Surprisingly her father reply on his blog
They're connected even on the virtual world
Loving and caring with their own way

Then I just browse his name, awesome, He is important person in Indonesia that have been through "Asam garam kehidupan" (see? i can't write kiasan in english :p)
You have to look this video, perhaps you get inspired like me :)

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