Pengendara Motor yang Baru

Almost two months i was riding a motorcycle for daily activity. Start this, is really pleasant thing, after all this time waiting for this chance. My mom worried about her first daughter, she finally allowed me to have the driver license. Within a month I strive to get that.    

I don't like hear the horn from anyone and not try to do that. Until one day, i side by side with boys of senior high school students that was riding without helmet and overtaking me on a narrow road, uphill, and damaged. Lost control, i chase them and honking repeatedly, his friend behind also too much speak then pick up speed and i really hate it!

At home, I realize didn't eat anything for lunch. Apparently hungry give me bad effect, weakness, can't handle my mind. Usually I'm ready to face the rider's behavior on the main road, but on that afternoon was different, hungry control my mind and emotions. careless! 

ps. Don't drive when hungry pffft

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