November 27, 2011

Diana Ross Mode On :)

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When You Tell Me That You Love Me

I wanna call the stars
Down from the sky
I wanna live a day
That never dies
I wanna change the world
Only for you
All the impossible
I wanna do

I wanna hold you close
Under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile
And feel the pain
I know what’s beautiful
Looking at you
In a world of lies
You are the truth
And baby
Everytime you touch me
I become a hero
I’ll make you safe
No matter where you are
And bring you
Everything you ask for
Nothing is above me
I’m shining like a candle in the dark
When you tell me that you love me
I wanna make you see
Just what I was
Show you the loneliness
And what it does
You walked into my life
To stop my tears
Everything’s easy now
I have you here
Back to reff.
In a world without you
I would always hunger
All I need is your love to make me stronger
Back to reff.

lagi suka banget banget banget sama lagu ini, and this song belongs to my favorite person in my life now
source : pict and song

November 13, 2011


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Does him treat me like a princess?
Nope, not at all [ it means was not all the time ]
does look like that?
yes and some people envy
I do not know if this is a confession or a press conference and so on
But I just wanted to straighten out, clarify, and remind
That we will never know what will happen tomorrow
Me, him, our relationship, our family, our friends, our mind, and much more.
So many things that not all people know.
So don’t judge our relationship by its cover
You might think we’re happy all the time but sometimes we hurt each other and this is true
And its normal for every relationship, especially for those who have been married.
We just trying to keep our relationship together, everyone can't get perfection, but we can full fill each other.
We just try our best to make this relationship long last happily ever after
This is our wish together and I wish all the best for everyone who have relationship or not.

I don't mean to run
But every time you come around
I Feel more alive, than ever -paramore
November 05, 2011

OOT Sea Games :D

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Well, lebaran sebentar lagi ~(˘˘~)(~˘˘)~

Sea games juga sebentar lagi ~(˘˘~)(~˘˘)~

Ke dufan sebentar lagi ~(˘˘~)(~˘˘)~

Ayo Ayo Indonesia Bisa! wa e wa e o wa e wa e o

By the way yaaa,, sea games bikin saya mupeng paralayang sama bungee jumping loh! =p~

Pengen banget deh pokonya!

Sejauh ini searching via google sih ya bungee jumping baru ada di Bali

Di tempat lain di pulau jawa keknya belom ada tuh

Jadi ya pengennya paralayang dulu ajah, hihihihi

BM yaaa banyak maunyaaa, ya iyalah masih muda banyak uang gitu loh , aaamiiinnn :D

Berdasarkan informasi dari rekan kompasiana yg diposting tahun 2010, harga olahraga paralayang yg di puncak Bogor itu gak mahal-mahal amat kok. Dalam artian masih di bawah satu juta rupiah yaaa, sangat worth it banget buat olahraga yg memacu adrenalin plus ditambah sertifikat dan kita bakal dapet pengalaman yg seru di atas langit waw mau banget!

Kapan lagi sih kita bisa ngerasain terbang kaya burung yg bebas ngeliat pemandangan di atas langit :)

FYI, paralayang ga hanya di bogor aja loh ternyata, di batu, malang, jawa timur juga ada! Cek disini dan masih banyak di kota-kota lain di Indonesia kita tercintah inih.

So, what are you waiting for?

take me there! :p

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