March Giveaway!

and hell yeah
im join another giveaway for this March!

For the first time, i was very very very confusing
with all of the giveaway, all of the crafter, all of the craft thing!

do you know kupunya handmade?
hayano handmade?
lemon label?
and so on

that's make me a little bit crazy to remember !

kupunya handmade is for w/ @dinikurnianing
hayano handmade is for w/ kakak kumis @retnoandriani :)
and next is lemon label is for w/ @meidianaa

then now im join March Giveaway! hahahaha
all of you have to follow their blog Mochie2 Felt and Hayano Handmade :)
then you can mention kak @IndahApsari @retnoandriani :)

Let share this March Giveaway *\(^^)/*

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