Hanya cinta yang bisa ~

i need to take it back in time

when we have first chat
then second, third, and so on

i love the way it is
i love memories
i love to save as our conversation together

yesterday my friend said :

"aku ingin memberikan yg terbaik untuk ulang tahunnya hari ini, karena mungkin di ulang tahunnya yg akan datang, aku sudah tidak bersamanya lagi"

that sentence makes me wonder . . .

how to love each other sincerely
how to persistance
and how to let you go

because now,
im afraid because i still love you

i know im just surviving
and covered all of the tears with laughing and fussing
its ok

because I thought I'd never deserve to be happy *cheers*

Kupikir ku tak pernah pantas untuk bahagia~
Sejak kau pergi, dalam ke-tidak-tau-an ku


thank you for stopping by dear, your comment will create happiness :)

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