Friday, 17 February 2012

February Giveaway *\(^^)/*

Craftland Giveaway berlalu sudahhh,
terimakasih untuk kakak @meidianaa dari Lemon Label untuk red rocket pouchnya >.<
ngga nyangka kalo pouchnya itu besar, muat untuk tempat pensil, muat juga untuk dua mobile phone, hehehehe
semula saya pikir pouch ini bergambar gadis kecil pake jilbab, padahal roket! xD

now, im join February Giveaway!!!
i want to share a goodnews from myurbey and achter >.<
kaka @belindaregina & kaka @middykeryapy have GoodNewsAway from their blog and also their online shop ^^

I wish that i can get the lovely cam and the pillow cam from this February Giveaway!!!

Let's share this GoodNewsAway!

Wish me luck (again) guys! *cheers*

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