Does him treat me like a princess?
Nope, not at all [ it means was not all the time ]
does look like that?
yes and some people envy
I do not know if this is a confession or a press conference and so on
But I just wanted to straighten out, clarify, and remind
That we will never know what will happen tomorrow
Me, him, our relationship, our family, our friends, our mind, and much more.
So many things that not all people know.
So don’t judge our relationship by its cover
You might think we’re happy all the time but sometimes we hurt each other and this is true
And its normal for every relationship, especially for those who have been married.
We just trying to keep our relationship together, everyone can't get perfection, but we can full fill each other.
We just try our best to make this relationship long last happily ever after
This is our wish together and I wish all the best for everyone who have relationship or not.

I don't mean to run
But every time you come around
I Feel more alive, than ever -paramore


  1. Such a complicated relation.. it means God loves you Sist,,,

    Salam KEnal


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